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A better experience than all for understanding English and not learning !

I think taking these classes was the best decision!I’ve learned the most about techniques and English skills . Ms Abeerah Javed has driven me towards English with Passion. I am thoroughly inspired . Miss has not only taught me how to talk properly or how to explore but also to find interest on something that I wasn’t interested in at all. My grades in school too are improving and I hope with such dedication because of her will improve it even better . She is a very professional teacher who made sure that we are working consistently and independently at the same time .

Naqi Ali
October 19, 2022

An amazing teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed

I think that the literix organization is doing an excellent job at preparing students for whatever it may be they need preparation for , either it is Cambridge exams or even school exams . My personal experience has also been astounding especially with my excellent instructor/teacher Ms. Abeera Jawed Who made me understand all the concepts and guided me through everything like a tour guide in a jungle. She taught me a lot, and almost everything I learnt was taught thoroughly and was new to me. Including the speech, letter, email and even summary writing techniques, and all this, I understood clearly. This course helped me a-lot in my overall academics, made a difference in my school grades and helped me reach a potential of mine I couldn’t think possible. Finally, there is no doubt in my heart that I will be forever grateful to my beloved teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed and obviously literix as a whole.

Muhammad Hamza Ahmed
Grade 9 , International School of Lahore (ISL)
Lahore , Pakistan
October 19, 2022

Useful techniques & methods I learned…

Aoa, miss this is saad . I hope you are all well and safe, Alhamdulillah i am. I wanted to take out the time to tell you that our School english teacher recently told me and hasan that our quality of work can really gain us a world distinction in english, and all the while she praised us i was thinking of all yout effort and help in 8th grade and even in the online classes. Indeed, i still practice all those techniques and methods you taught me over the years 👍😁

Muhammad Saad
Grade 9 (O Level) - ISL
Lahore - Pakistan
August 30, 2022

Got an A star

I met miss abeerah in my final years of O level. I have always had a knack for english which made it very easy for me. However, miss abeerah was able to harness my abilities and polish them to their best. The o level crash course was very helpful during my CAIES. Format structures and vocabulary choices are accurately and succinctly highlighted which refreshes your memory. When i had these two things figured out, i was able to ace my CAIES and get an A star.

Alicia Aslam
Grade 11/ Scarsdale International School
Lahore/ Pakistan
August 18, 2022

Thank you miss…

Miss thanks you for all you efforts and making the subject a lot easier. There is no denying in the fact that in just few months you improved us all. All the remedial classes and homeworks were worth it . Thank You miss.

Muhammad Abdul Wahab
Grade 11/ Scarsdale International School
Lahore/ Pakistan
August 18, 2022

I had taken this course for my o’level exams this year. It was a quick and easy walk through the syllabus that made it simple for us to practice the past papers and eventually take the exams. All in the all the instructor(Ms.Abeerah) was a constant support through this time. As her course was interactive and covered all our quarries. From going over the formats and giving us examples, she had everything prepare. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone taking the exams in the future.
Source: Literix Facebook Page

Unzla Khawaja
Grade 11/ Scarsdale International School
Lahore/ Pakistan
July 18, 2022

Everything was briefly covered just before exams, every question was answered with 1v1 conversation with teacher. It was so helpful that they gave us w and notes which were accessible 24/7. The teacher was quite interactive and helped with every query. I would highly recommend this to others. I took the english course with Ms. Abeerah Jawed and she m had everything ready and what to study and was was quite helpful.
Source: Literix Facebook Page

Abdul Wahab
Grade 11/ Scarsdale International School
Lahore/ Pakistan
July 12, 2022

Are u still teaching online for o levels. Mashallah saad got A*. Allah ka buhat karam aur mehrbani hy.

Mother of Muhammad Saad
Grade 09/ ISL
Lahore/ Pakistan
June 24, 2022


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