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Orientation Session
Orientation session for Mastering Directed Writing
Formal Letter Writing – Directed Writing
Successfully composing a formal letter while following the recommended format, formal linguistic features & techniques for writing informative, complaint and application letters.
Mastering Directed Writing For O Level/ IGCSE English
About Lesson

Online Live Orientation Session for this course will be held on:
Sunday, 25-Dec-2022
From 11:00 to 11:45 am

In this session, the participants will be given a detailed walk-through of the course plan including:

  1. Student registration, login and LMS dashboard
  2. Policies and procedures for attending the course
  3. Requirements to attend the course online live classes
  4. Course navigation and communication
  5. Course resources including lessons, assignments and quizzes
  6. Important information about the topics included in the course
  7. Teaching methodology used in the classes including guided practice and independent practice while attempting past paper questions
  8. How to pay for the course
  9. Live Q&A session to answer your questions 

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abeezjournal 5 months ago
Speech Writing Question, Mark Scheme, Features & Assessment Criteria
abeezjournal 5 months ago
The orientation session has been conducted already. The following link is for the trial class that is to be held on 2nd January, 2023.
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