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Online O Level English (1123) Prep Course

03-Months Rolling Program For Pakistani And International Students

For O Level English Language (1123) Students of Grade 09 or 10

Conducted By
Ms. Abeerah Jawed

For PAKISTANI Students:
Registration Fee: PKR 2,000/- (One-time)
Tuition Fee: PKR 7,000/- (Per Month)

Registration Fee: USD 10/- (One-time)
Tuition Fee: USD 40/- (Per Month)

Course Features:

  • O Level English Language (1123)
    (Grade 09 and 10 Combined)
  • Covering Course Syllabus Topics
    03-Months Rolling Program
  • 03 Days/ Week: Mon, Tue and Wed
  • Time Slot: 07:00 - 07:45 pm (Pakistan Time)
  • 50% Sibling Discount On Registration Fee
  • Literix Course Code: LCC01-OL-ENG
  • Avail First 03 Trial Classes Before Depositing The Initial Course Fee.

Mode Of Learning: Live Online Classes

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Grade 09 students who have just started O Level, and would like to develop a strong understanding of the English Language course.
  • Grade 10 students who are struggling in the English Language course and would like to improve their performance.
  • O Level students who are looking forward to developing a comprehensive knowledge of the English Language (1123) primarily course foundation and roadmap, and desiring to score better grades.


Prerequisites To Join This Course:

  • At least 60% score in previous grade's English result from school.
  • Previous grade's final result card copy to be submitted for registration.


What Will You Achieve Upon Completing This Course?
Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the new paper pattern for students appearing in CAIE exams to be held in 2024 and onwards.
  • Develop skills to attempt the exam-style questions according to the paper pattern.
  • Practice reading and writing strategies to improve performance in Paper 01 and Paper 02.
  • Improve vocabulary, comprehension, and prose writing skills.
  • Enhance writing styles in various genres.


Syllabus to be covered:

Cambridge O Level English Language (1123) Curriculum Foundation For Exams in 2024 & Beyond.


Resources For Syllabus Coverage:

Past Papers of English Language (1123), First Language English by Marian Cox, and worksheets will be shared by the teacher.


Included with the course:

Assignments, Interactive Discussions, Assignment Feedback, Student Performance Comments, and Final Assessment.


Assessment Criteria:

Lesson Attendance, Assignment Submissions, Quizzes/ Final Assessment Performance.


Lesson Resource Material:

Presentations (Google Slides/ PDFs), Worksheets, Video Links, and Interactive Activities.


Course Schedule:

  • 03-Months Rolling Program
  • 03 Days Per Week
  • 45 minutes Per Class

Classes will be conducted via Google Classroom and Google Meet

Course Plan
03-Months Rolling Program


  • Paper Pattern & Focus Skills
  • Comprehension
  • Summary Writing & Vocabulary
  • Language Task
  • Composition - Narrative Writing
  • Weekly and Daily Assignments


  • Directed Writing - Speech Writing
  • Directed Writing - Argumentative Writing
  • Informal Letter Writing
  • Formal Letter Writing
  • Weekly and Daily Assignments


  • Directed Writing - Report Writing
  • Directed Writing - Magazine Article Writing
  • Directed Writing - Email Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Weekly and Daily Assignments
  • Final Mock Exam

About Instructor

Name: Ms. Abeerah Jawed

A seasoned English Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Literacy Coordinator, and practicing ESL Instructor with over 10 years of professional teaching experience in international schools (Scarsdale International School, Beaconhouse Newlands & Learning Alliance).
I am a highly committed, energetic, and experienced middle and senior school English Teacher, bringing effective instructional skills to significantly improve student growth and development, and possess a proven ability to effectively augment students' English language skills.


Work Experience:

  • Extensive teaching experience of 10 years as an English Teacher at renowned international schools including Scarsdale International School, Beaconhouse Newlands & Learning Alliance.
  • Successfully taught over 500 students in developing their English literacy and language skills.
  • Students' and parents' satisfaction rate was maintained at around 80% level.
  • Effectively prepared students to consistently achieve better grades with around 70% being A* and A grades in the CAIE exams.
  • Improved students' test results by more than 40% resulting in reduced English remedial enrolments by 50% each year.
  • Strategically mentored teachers in effective lesson planning and curriculum implementation.
  • Organized school-wide literacy events.
  • Creatively supported Chinese/ foreign students in learning English as a second language.



  • Google Certified Educator - Level 01
  • Cognia e-Prove Certified Observer
  • TESOL certified from University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
  • Certified in Transitioning to Teaching Language Online (TTLO) from CARLA, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Teaching Knowledge Test from Cambridge University, UK
  • Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills from British Council, Lahore
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert
  • Problem-Based Learning - Microsoft Education
  • Diploma of Reflective Practitioners (DRP) - Beaconhouse
  • Certificate of Early Childhood Education - Gowrie Victoria, Open Universities, Australia



Masters in Business Administration


Key Skills & Expertise:

English Language Teaching, O Level English Teaching,  ESL Teaching, English Literacy Coaching, English Language Training, English Lesson Planning, Student Mentoring, PBL Unit Planning, Student-Centered Teaching, Classroom Management, Grammar Teaching, Performance Assessment, Behavior Management, Parent-Teacher Communication, and Online Teaching.


Online Educational & Social Activities:

Registration Process

STEP 01:

  • The student is required to fill out and submit the registration form below, and share the school’s recent grade final report card.
  • Upon receipt of both documents, the student will receive an email (email 01) with acknowledgment of his/ her registration and details of the trial classes.
  • Please note that students with at least 60% score in the previous Grade English result from their school are eligible to register for this course.

STEP 02:

  • After attending the trial classes, the student will receive an email (email 02) requesting to share his/ her intent in continuing the course.
  • If the student desires to continue, he/ she will be required to deposit the initial course fee (registration fees + first month fees) as per the payment details provided in the email (email 02).
  • From Pakistani students, payment is accepted through bank transfer; whereas, from International students, payment is accepted through PayPal.

STEP 03:

  • After receipt of the initial course fees, the student will be informed through email (email 03) about his/ her Google Classroom enrollment details.
  • Please note that subsequent monthly fees are to be deposited by the student as per his/ her joining date.

Course Policy

  • Registrations and admissions are open throughout the year, and the monthly course fee is charged per the joining date of the student.
  • The trial classes are offered before fee submission for the student to decide whether they would like to take up the course or not. Hence, the registration fee and monthly fee are non-refundable.
  • The monthly fee is to be paid by the end of each month per the joining date of the student. Late payments with 25% late fee charges will be accepted within 03 days after the due date. Subsequently the management will reserve the right to cancel the registration.
  • Public holidays will be observed as per the government’s schedule with no substitute sessions to be provided by the instructor.
  • The instructor will provide substitute sessions in case of his/her non-availability for the scheduled session day.
  • No substitute sessions will be provided by the instructor in case a student misses the scheduled sessions.
  • The course aims to augment students’ performance, so if the student fails to fulfill the minimum course requirements i.e attendance, assignment submission, class participation, etc., the instructor reserves the right to cancel the student’s registration.

Terms And Conditions

  • The student will be required to show good conduct and discipline in attending the online classes and maintaining classroom decorum.
  • The student provides their consent to use their classroom video recordings for administration and commercial purposes by the Literix team.
  • The student and/ or their parent/ guardian will avoid contacting the instructor to pay/ exchange any monetary benefits and/ or other unethical favors.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from sharing/ distributing the Literix copyrighted material such as classroom information, course material, and resources (worksheets, assignments, presentations, wordlists, etc.) with anyone - directly or indirectly in any form (digital or print).
  • Students are not allowed to record the course sessions without the written consent of the instructor.
  • Failing to comply with the above-stated terms and conditions may lead to student registration cancellation, confiscation of the course fees, and any legal action if needed.

Use the following registration form to register for the course.

Registration Form (LCC01-OL-ENG)

Note: Only Gmail addresses are accepted as the course will be conducted via Google Classroom and Google Meet.
Note: Please ensure to provide a correct email address and should be different from student's email.
Note: Send your recent grade's final report card to admin@literix.net from your student's email provided above.

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