Online Orientation Workshop For Instructors

Hey, instructors!

Let’s learn to create and sell your online courses on Literix!

Literix offers a free online live orientation workshop for our registered instructors to train them in publishing and selling their online courses on our website and answer any of their relevant queries.

Orientation Workshop Agenda:

The following topics will be covered in this orientation workshop:

  1. Walk-through of the Literix website
  2. Introduction of your LMS dashboard
  3. Difference between a self-paced course and an online course via live classes
  4. How to create your course online?
  5. How to add materials (lectures, notes, assignments, and quizzes) to your course?
  6. What should you consider to set the price of your course?
  7. How to publish your course?
  8. How to edit your published course?
  9. How to answer enrolled students’ queries?
  10. How to answer general inquiries? Why joining our Facebook Support Group is important?
  11. Understand the analytics of your account (number of published courses, enrolments, sales, your earnings, Literix share, etc.)
  12. How to request your withdrawals? What is the payment threshold?
  13. How will you get paid?
  14. How to contact the Literix admin?
  15. Live Q&A session

Orientation Workshop Schedule:

The upcoming session is scheduled on Tuesday, 27-Dec-2022, 12-02 pm (UTC+05 – Pakistan Standard Time)

Who Can Attend This Workshop?

Instructors who are registered with Literix can attend this workshop. Send an email to to request the Google Meet link to attend the upcoming orientation workshop.

If you are not registered with Literix then visit this link to register first.

Benefits For Our Registered Instructors:

Literix offers its registered instructors the freedom to teach online and develop a reasonable side income stream. As a Literix registered instructor, you get the opportunity to avail the following benefits:

  • Teach the courses and syllabus per your knowledge and expertise
  • Decide your teaching methodology per your experience
  • Set your course prices as you decide and feel suitable
  • Choose to sell self-paced recorded courses and/ or online courses via live classes
  • Set the class schedule per your convenience in case of live classes
  • Teach from the comfort of your home
  • FREE lifetime registration for our FIRST 50 instructors
  • No need to pay any out-of-pocket expenses, charges, or fees to publish your online courses on our website
  • Earn 65% revenue share from selling your courses online1
  • All technical, sales, and marketing activities are done by Literix2
  • Issue course completion certificates with your name, signatures, or academy name and logo3

1Literix offers a 65%-35% revenue-sharing model to instructors excluding 10% promotional and maintenance fees from the sales.

2Literix does not restrict instructors to promote their courses across their social communities and/ or social media networks.

3Instructors representing commercial and/ or home-based academies and/ or tuition centers are welcome to publish and sell their online courses on our website and issue course completion certificates to the students with their name and logo.

Be it English, Urdu, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or any other academic course…

… be it Cambridge, American, IB, Edexcel, or any Pakistani Board syllabus…

… be it Quran lessons, spoken English, graphic designing, presentation designing, blog writing, software development, app development, website designing, or any other professional course…

… be it self-paced recorded lectures or online live classes…

… avail the freedom to publish and sell your online courses on Literix Educational Services website and earn from doing what you love!

Happy Teaching!
Literix Team

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