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Student Registration Form


Please follow these instructions to fill the student registration form, thanks.

  • Provide correct First Name and Last Name as it will be printed on the course completion certificate
  • Set your Username for your Literix student account
  • For E-mail, make sure to provide your Gmail for registration. It will also be used later to access any online live classes via Google Classroom and/ or Google Meet if required by the course instructor
  • Make sure to provide correct Gmail as it will be used for future correspondence
  • Set a Password and remember it to login to your Literix student account
  • All information provided on this form should be related to the student as the student will need it later for account login, to access course content, and for the course completion certificate


Student registration on Literix website is FREE. After registration, the student may login to his/ her account, visit the courses page, and purchase the premium course(s) of choice. Happy Learning!

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