An amazing teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed

I think that the literix organization is doing an excellent job at preparing students for whatever it may be they need preparation for , either it is Cambridge exams or even school exams . My personal experience has also been astounding especially with my excellent instructor/teacher Ms. Abeera Jawed Who made me understand all the concepts and guided me through everything like a tour guide in a jungle. She taught me a lot, and almost everything I learnt was taught thoroughly and was new to me. Including the speech, letter, email and even summary writing techniques, and all this, I understood clearly. This course helped me a-lot in my overall academics, made a difference in my school grades and helped me reach a potential of mine I couldn’t think possible. Finally, there is no doubt in my heart that I will be forever grateful to my beloved teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed and obviously literix as a whole.