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The Best Guideline Ever

Thank you Ms Abeera For providing such great help in understanding what actually needs to be done to ace A* in English. I’ve learnt a lot from you and still looking forward to learning more in future to excel in English.
Thank you for the outstanding teaching terminologies and matchless guidelines regarding English.
More powers to you!

Syeda Goyal
Grade 9
December 27, 2022

A better experience than all for understanding English and not learning !

I think taking these classes was the best decision!I’ve learned the most about techniques and English skills . Ms Abeerah Javed has driven me towards English with Passion. I am thoroughly inspired . Miss has not only taught me how to talk properly or how to explore but also to find interest on something that I wasn’t interested in at all. My grades in school too are improving and I hope with such dedication because of her will improve it even better . She is a very professional teacher who made sure that we are working consistently and independently at the same time .

Naqi Ali
October 19, 2022

An amazing teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed

I think that the literix organization is doing an excellent job at preparing students for whatever it may be they need preparation for , either it is Cambridge exams or even school exams . My personal experience has also been astounding especially with my excellent instructor/teacher Ms. Abeera Jawed Who made me understand all the concepts and guided me through everything like a tour guide in a jungle. She taught me a lot, and almost everything I learnt was taught thoroughly and was new to me. Including the speech, letter, email and even summary writing techniques, and all this, I understood clearly. This course helped me a-lot in my overall academics, made a difference in my school grades and helped me reach a potential of mine I couldn’t think possible. Finally, there is no doubt in my heart that I will be forever grateful to my beloved teacher, Ms. Abeera Jawed and obviously literix as a whole.

Muhammad Hamza Ahmed
Grade 9 , International School of Lahore (ISL)
Lahore , Pakistan
October 19, 2022

Useful techniques & methods I learned…

Aoa, miss this is saad . I hope you are all well and safe, Alhamdulillah i am. I wanted to take out the time to tell you that our School english teacher recently told me and hasan that our quality of work can really gain us a world distinction in english, and all the while she praised us i was thinking of all yout effort and help in 8th grade and even in the online classes. Indeed, i still practice all those techniques and methods you taught me over the years 👍😁

Muhammad Saad
Grade 9 (O Level) - ISL
Lahore - Pakistan
August 30, 2022

I had taken this course for my o’level exams this year. It was a quick and easy walk through the syllabus that made it simple for us to practice the past papers and eventually take the exams. All in the all the instructor(Ms.Abeerah) was a constant support through this time. As her course was interactive and covered all our quarries. From going over the formats and giving us examples, she had everything prepare. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone taking the exams in the future.
Source: Literix Facebook Page

Unzla Khawaja
Grade 11/ Scarsdale International School
Lahore/ Pakistan
July 18, 2022

Are u still teaching online for o levels. Mashallah saad got A*. Allah ka buhat karam aur mehrbani hy.

Mother of Muhammad Saad
Grade 09/ ISL
Lahore/ Pakistan
June 24, 2022


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