Trial Class Schedule Form

Submit this form if you want to offer a trial class for your course. For this purpose:

  • Your course must already have been approved and published on Literix.
  • You can offer one trial class per course.
  • You can offer a trial class for your online course via live classes only and not for on-demand/ self-paced course.
  • After you submit the trial class details, we will add trial class booking form for the interested students on your respective course page.
  • Interested students will be provided the Google Meet link shared by you via this form to access the trial class before they will pay for your course.

Important Note:

  • A valuable trial class is important for instructor's good reputation and to encourage more students enroll for your course.
  • Make sure to conduct the trial class on-time as per the Google Meet link you have provided.
  • Deliver a valuable lesson in your trial class so that the interested students will get to know your teaching style and quality of the lesson content.
  • Record your trial class lesson and make it available on your course page after the class so that it should be watchable by any interested student who may approach for enrolment in your course after the trial class scheduled date.